Optical Wireless


Optical wireless Point to Point connections from WIN are used as an alternative to renting expensive leased lines or digging and laying fibre between locations, to provide fast, secure connectivity for data, voice and video.

Our High quality optical links are used for short distance connections between two locations. They deliver high speed wireless connections for data, voice and video. This technology can present a variety of interfaces to the network at each end of the link and so be used to connect data, voice or video.  

  • Line of sight only
  • The technology is light
  • Data rates which are full duplex, are typically 100Mb and 1Gb
  • Ideal over short distances - typically up to 1Km, where a robust all-weather link is required.
    Note: Be wary of claims of longer distances with high all-weather availability!

For more details on the technologies used in our optical wireless networking solutions please call or contact us

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